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  • PROVEN "non-military" Survival Training for emergencies that arise at or away from your home or just that "self-reliant " feeling you want. 

  • Provides the most usable hands-on training to you for the time you're with us!  No other School compare! 

  • We teach by allowing you to practice the skills  under our instructor guidance so that you will know how to survive in the wilderness and be prepared at home.

  • Student-to-teacher ratio is the lowest of any survival school (most MNSI classes limited to 12-18 students).

  • Various class lengths and times to fit into your busy schedule or schedule a private one-on-one class, or have a private class for your friends, family or associates at competitive rates.

  • No need to worry about "competing or being embarrassed in the classes...we start at the beginning and build everyone's skills together.

  • You will leave the School knowing everything you need to know to protect yourself in emergency situations.

  • The most information and hands-on training for your money... classes backed with a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE so you have nothing to lose.



  Play Episode 27

"BHK Outdoors" Radio Interview (Episode #27)
Interview with Tom Laskowski  (Midwest Native Skills Institute) and Louell Crowley (Pennington Palm Productions) upcoming reality TV series, Apocolyptic Survival.



 ďApocalyptic SurvivalĒ TV Production
Upcoming reality television series about survival after a major disaster and how to survive



"Surviving Disaster - Are you Prepared?"

Aired on FOX TV on Home Preparedness for an emergency

"Hunting Survival"
Tom Laskowski's "Hunting Survival" interview aired on the syndicated radio show "The Big Wild"

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Midwest Native Skills Institute (MNSI) is a non-military, wilderness, outdoors school headquartered in Ohio, offering comprehensive classes in wilderness survival designed to teach you how to survive and live comfortably in the wild with little or even no equipment.

Additionally, the skills you will learn in MNSI classes will allow you to feel more comfortable in your own home, and prepare you for any emergency inside or outside of the comfort of the four walls you live within.

Contact Us
    Email: Tom@SurvivalSchool.com
    Phone: 440-526-3672
(within Ohio)
   888-886-5592 (outside Ohio)

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Class length:  Day - Weekend - Week (6 Days)
Average Class Size: 
12-15 people
Teaching Style: 
20% lecture; 80% hands-on learning - VERY interactive, fun and relaxed

Average Age Of Attendees:  44-years-old (age has ranged from eight to 73-years-old)

Background Of Students:  Doctors, lawyers, accounts, stay-at-home moms, teachers, Boy and Girl Scouts and their leaders, students, professors, single parents, etc. - anyone who is looking to become more secure in their environment in or outside of their home
Minimum Age:  None.  Under 17-years-old must be accompanied by an adult
Typical Class Demographics:  40% female; 60% male
Average Skill Level of attendees:  Some camping and/or hiking experience

(although you don't have to have any experience at all to attend first-level classes)

Safety Of Students:  There has NEVER been ANY MNSI student injured or put in danger

in any endeavor encountered within the MNSI school or class environment


Classes are taught in a kind, gentle way, and include three good daily meals (you don't have to eat bugs!).  MNSI focuses on "how" to do the real skills needed to survive, rather than relying on pure physical strength.  Physical fitness or strength is not required to attend any of our classes.

Each day will be fast paced as you learn a different aspect of how to acquire shelter, fire, water and food.  You will also learn how to deal with a host of other issues such as how to navigate with or without maps as you heighten your awareness of your surroundings. 

Become a real "Survivor" and learn the real skills you see portrayed on television shows like "Man vs. Wild."  You will feel empowered as you learn to make fire by rubbing two sticks together, make a meal from the plants you find, and how to set snares or traps for food.

All meals are included (see Classes link for sample menus).  Tent camping during class is typical, however, you can make other arrangements, such as a motel stay. (See Alternate accommodations under Classes link).

 Register for a Class
For information call: 1-888-886-5592   or  Contact Us! 

Scouting Programs
We are Merit-Badge Certified


Recipe for "TROUBLE" - Cody Lundin with Tom Laskowski  /  Steve Watts, Tom and Ron Hood


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Fire Piston - Low Cost yet High Performance
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Brass Fire-Making Set (Presentation  Quality)

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early 18th century.  This set comes complete with everything you
need to make fire using flint and steel (included), as well as a high-powered magnifying lens for sunny days.  

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  DVD Trio
Get all 3 of the MNSI videos : Learning Primitive Fire Making / 40+ Ways to Make Fire and / Fin, Feather & Fur.

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Shamanic Journeys
Oct 5-6 2013
(Stewartstown, PA)

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Summer Plant Class
July 13, 2014

Survival 201
July 20-26, 2014

Survival 101
Aug 17-23, 2014

Fall Plant Class
Sept 6, 2012

Weekend Survival 101
Sept 19-21, 2014

Ohio Classic Knife Show
Oct 17-18
(Cambridge Ohio)

Shamanic Journeys 1
Oct 24-25

Shamanic Journeys 2
Nov 8-9

Homesteading Skills Workshop for the Self-Reliance Home:
Candle/Wine/Cheese/Soap Making Workshops
Nov. 13-16, 2014






Private Classes 

Boy Scout Programs

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